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PANAJANS fairs are unique.

PANAJANS FAlRS are unique in the world education sector. Besides targeted towards students and youngsters, they mainly help to inform parents who are the most primary financial source of education in Turkey. From the time they were launched on, 65-70% of the visitors of the PANAJANS EDUCATION FAlRS have always been parents, a phenomenon which is not a common feature of education fairs throughout the world. Containing more than 20.000 entries and updated each year, the address banks of PANAJANS enable PANAJANS to select each fair's target group exclusively. PANAJANS FAlRS are the only international school fairs in Turkey. Most of the parents would like to be informed comparatively. So they . are most likely to be satisfied if there are more countries represented in the fairs and more subjects of study offered by the schools.

PANAJANS is the  pioneer

For a decade, PANAJANS Ltd.has been the pioneer of educational information services sector in Turkey. PANAJANS EDUCATION INFORMATION SERVICES have served to more than 250 international schools through fairs, special events and publications. (Please ask for the participants and client list from PANAJANS.) 16 years ago, the first intenıational education fair of Turkey (1 INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION & SCHOOL FAlR) was launched by PANAJANS. From that time on, PANAJANS has organized more than 25 education fairs and provided services to international schools via publications, special events, public relations and advertising in Turkey.



What do PANAJANS fairs provide?


Besides these three importantfeatures, PANAJANS FAIRS provide, targeted and oriented visitors for each school, differentiated marketing strategies for individual schools, additional marketing tools such as advertisement in PANAJANS educational publications and national media, school serninars during the fairs, school meetings and special events for selected target group, replacement services through many specialized USA agents.


Nispetiye Cad.Peker Sok.No:32/5

Levent, İstanbul-Turkey


Tel: +90 (212) 279 88 51-52

Fax: +90 (212) 280 74 46       


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